According to the NATO-SPS key priorities, the Workshop will deal with practical applications of electronics or photonics nano-devices and systems, related to:
  • Security and protection (EMC, emission, immunity, hardness, shielding..)
  • Energy (production, efficiency, management, security..)

The Themes of the Workshop include:
  • the problem of understanding and improve the electromagnetic behaviour of new innovative nanoscale materials
  • the study of new fascinating properties of nanoelectronics devices and systems
  • the innovation in the design concepts of new technology solutions
The Topics of the Workshop include:
  • Graphene and nanocarbon electromagnetics
  • Nanomaterials and metamaterials
  • Nano-Electromagnetism: Theory and Modeling
  • Nano-Electromagnetic Compatibility: Theory and Modeling
  • The THz range: materials, characterization and applications
  • Energy efficiency: towards nanoscale Green Electronics
  • Safety of nanoscale devices and systems: emission and immunity
  • Emerging concepts in Security and Communication