Workshop program and pdf presentations

The Workshop final program may be downloaded here: [program in pdf]

The Workshop Book of Abstract may be downloaded here: Book of abstracts in pdf]

JUNE, 5 (Tuesday)

Session 1 Exploring the THz range: material synthesis and characterization PART 1

- O. Pulci, "Two-dimensional nitrides for THz to UV detector" [pdf presentation]
- F. Kusmartsev, "How to Make Devices with Topological Materials"

Session 2: Exploring the THz range: devices

- I. Kasalynas, "Diffractive optics for compact THz systems"[pdf presentation]
- V. Ryzhii, "Infrared photodetectors based on Based Graphene and CdHgTe heterostructures "
- M. E. Portnoi, "THz applications of quantum rings and nanohelices"

Session 3: Electromagnetic properties of nanomaterials and nanostructures

- P. Lambin, "Electromagnetic properties of discrete conductive meshes" [pdf presentation]
- J. Macutkevic, "Broadband spectroscopy of hybrid composites with nanoinclusions"
- A. Boag, "Analysis of large quasi-planar nano-structures" [pdf presentation]


P1. D. Adamchuk, Optical properties of nanocrystalline nonstoichiometric tin oxide films
P2. M. Baah, Physical properties of Ni-catalyzed CVD nanographitic thin films grown at 800 C
P3. S. Bistarelli, A 2D model of silver nanowires electrode for polymer solar cells applications
P4. G. Gorokhov, Electromagnetic properties of carbon-based polymer materials for 3D-printing applications
P5. D. Grassano, Validity of Weyl fermion picture for transition metals monopnictides TaAs, TaP, NbAs, and NbP from ab initio studies
P6. E. Kaniukov, Electrical and galvanomagnetic properties of Si/SiO2 metal (Cu, Ni) structures
P7. I. Karuseichyk, Synthesis of Quantum Antennas for Shaping Field Correlations
P8. I. Kranauskaite, Electrical properties of composites filled with carbon nanotubes and graphene nanoplatelets
P9. M. Yarmolich, The role of oxygen nonstoichiometry and the Fe/Mo cations superstructural ordering in the synthesis of Sr2FeMoO6-d
P10. B. Majerus, Electromagnetic properties of mono- and multilayered 2D materials: application to graphene
P11. S. A. Malykhin, Formation of color centers in single crystal diamond needles
P12. D. Meisak, Electromagnetic properties of Fe2O3H2O-based polymer materials
P13. D. Menseidov, Graphene-based filament and 3D printed porous structures with improved electrical conductivity
P14. D.B. Migas, Effects of morphology on stability of GaAs nanowires
P15. K.A. Moldosanov, Prospects of designing gold-nanobars-based soft terahertz radiation sources for concealed object detection technology
P16. A. Paddubskaya, Coherent anti-Stokes Raman scattering as an effective tool for visualization of single-wall carbon nanotubes
P17. E. Petrova, Synthesis of magnetic nanoferrites with increased crystallinity
P18. A. Plyushch, Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of triglycine sulfate and graphite nanoplatelets epoxy resin composites
P19. A.L. Pushkarchuk, Thermal and UV effects on PMMA-C60 PBMA-C60 composites: DFT modelling
P20. R. Raimo, Experimental characterization of new filaments based on PLA reinforced with carbon-nanofillers for 3D Printing Applications
P21. V.A. Saroka, Absorption peak correlation between finite-length achiral carbon nanotubes and nanoribbons
P22. A. Shumskaya, Magnetic anisotropy of FeNi NTs with different lengths
P23. S. Shvarkov, Photoinduced Phase Dynamics in Colossal Magnetoresistance Manganites
P24. A. Sokal, Phosphate composition as matrix for functional composite materials
P25. D. Yakimchuk, Gold, silver and copper plasmonic nanostructures in the Si/SiO2 template for Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
P26. O.S. Yakovenko, Shielding properties of epoxy-based composites with graphite nanoplatelets or carbon nanotubes and magnetically aligned magnetite

JUNE, 6 (Wednesday)

Session 4: Biological and diagnostics applications

- G. Mark, "First- and second order light scattering processes in biological photonic nanostructures"
- A. Postnikov, "Prospects for terahertz imaging the human skin cancer with the help of gold-nanoparticles-based terahertz-to-infrared converter" [pdf presentation]
- S. Bellucci, "Microwave-photonic devices and biosensors based on Graphene Nano Platelets" [pdf presentation]

Session 5: Exploring the THz range: material synthesis and characterization PART 2

- S.-M. Choi, "Hierarchical self-assembled binary superlattices of 1D nanoparticles"
- L. Matzui, "Polymer nanocomposites with hybrid fillers as materials with controllable electrodynamics characteristics for microwave devices"
- T. Kaplas, "Graphitic thin film deposition on dielectric substrates by sacrificial metallic catalysts"

SESSION 6: Engineered surfaces and meta-surfaces

- P. Kuzhir, "Graphene based metasurfaces for THz photonics" [pdf presentation]
- C. Argyropoulos, "Nonlinear and non-reciprocal THz metasurfaces based on 2D materials" [pdf presentation]

SESSION 7: Exploring the THz range: Fundamental physics mechanisms

- K. Batrakov, "Cherenkov-type stimulated emission in graphene based structures" [pdf presentation]
- G. Slepyan, "Rabi-Bloch Oscillations: Theory and Potential Applications" [pdf presentation]

- G. Shlyapnikov, "Ultracold atoms in disorder"

JUNE, 7 (Thursday)

SESSION 8: Optical properties of nanomaterials and photonics applications

- M. Artemiev, "Optical properties of disordered and oriented ensembles of 2D semiconductor nanocrystals"
- A. Akimov, "Quantum optics with GeV color center in diamond" [pdf presentation]
- A. Hoffmann, "Plasmonics in group III nitrides"

SESSION 9: Carbon-based green electronics

- A. Todri-Sanial, "Toward Carbon Nanotube Computing"
- A. Maffucci, "Graphene-based materials for electronic packages" [pdf presentation]

ROUND-TABLE DISCUSSION: Challenges and perspective of THz technology for security applications

- A. Maffucci and S. Maksimenko (moderators)